Let's breathe freely, shall we?

All natural non-medicated Captain Peppermint was developed to help moisturize and soothe dry noses due to unfavorable conditions – removing mucus, irritants, allergens & debris from the nasal passage, which may also assist with sinus pressure and headaches. Kids love it!

Safe for frequent daily nasal care, Captain Peppermint is gentle enough for infants, and can be used in conjunction with prescribed medications.

With pure ingredients like grapefruit seed extract and peppermint & eucalyptus essential oils, Captain Peppermint is changing the way we think about nasal spray. Because our drug-free formulas leave no dependency on medications or other addictive ingredients, you're now free to live your life with a new found sense of health and vitality. More and more doctors and ENT specialists are recommending Captain Peppermint to help their patients.


Safe, gentle, doctor recommended. Made in the USA.

And if you'd like the same great Captain Peppermint ingredients with the benefits of menthol, Clear Revive offers an amazing alternative.